Nanoscale Direct Mapping of Noise Source Activities on Graphene Domains

An electrical noise is one of the key parameters determining the performance of modern electronic devices. However, it has been extremely difficult, if not impossible, to image localized noise sources or their activities in such devices. We report a “noise spectral imaging” strategy to map the activities of localized noise sources in domains. Using this method, we could quantitatively estimate sheet resistances and noise source densities inside graphene domains, on domain boundaries and on the edge of graphene. The results show high activities of noise sources and large sheet resistance values at the domain boundary and edge of graphene. Additionally, we showed the upper layer in double-layer graphene had lower noises than single-layer graphene. This work provides valuable insights about the electrical noises of graphene. Furthermore, the capability to directly map noise sources in electronic channels can be a major breakthrough in electrical noise research in general.

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